Visual digital marketing

The one digital marketing solution that can transform you into a professional digital marketeer. Create campaigns across Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in minutes with one easy-to-use workflow.

A Smarter
Way to Work

XL.Today™ digital marketing solution dashboard screen

Understand your customers and become more engaged and responsive to their needs. Simple dashboards and reporting help you understand what campaigns and channels work for you.

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A Faster
Way to Create

XL.Today™ digital marketing solution dashboard campaign setup

In a single workflow, create email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Upload one campaign image and let XL.Today™ create beautiful derivatives, optimized for each channel, saving you valuable time and money.

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A Cheaper
Way to Connect

XL.Today™ digital marketing solution database segment

As a retailer you need ways to reduce the cost of marketing while increasing frequency and effectiveness. Your XL.Today™ digital marketing solution gives you all the tools required for effective digital marketing and includes high volumes of emails and SMS’s to test your ideas and find out what works.

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Be a Better
Digital Marketer

XL.Today™ digital marketing solution launch screen

XL.Today™ teaches you how to be a better digital marketer. More than a digital marketing solution, XL.Today™ is your digital marketing mentor with ongoing training videos and educational insights to help you become more effective and professional at digital marketing.

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