Digital Asset Management XL.Today style

Digital Asset Management XL.Today style

Digital Asset Management software is not new, it's been readily available for brands for more than 10 years. What is new is how XL.Today™ views Digital Asset Management.

The natural evolution of Digital Asset Management

Have you ever looked at a new piece of technology and thought 'that just makes sense. Why hasn't anyone done this before?' That is the case with the integrated Digital Asset Management solution (or 'DAM') in XL.Today™.

We have placed a DAM where it belongs, at the center of a digital marketing platform. Now marketers can curate and manage access to images, videos and brand assets in the same workflow where they manage their marketing channels.

Simplify campaign creation

The challenge of creating the volume of emails, SMS and social posts required for a single brand to remain relevant can be overwhelming. The average 5-channel marketing campaign takes 1.5 hours to create. The inertia of this process and the potential for mistakes and slow approval processes all result in the average brand creating dramatically less marketing content and campaigns than they should.

Imagine if instead of taking 1.5 hours to create, a 5-channel campaign took only 5 minutes. That's the potential of XL.Today™. By putting a Digital Asset Management solution at the core of a digital marketing platform, the process of creating campaigns is streamlined, simplified and is more accurate.

Discovering lost gems

Many images, stock images, videos and brand assets are underutilized or are quickly forgotten about. These assets represent a substantial investment and can help fill a gap in a brand's marketing strategy. If these assets are easily discovered, then the frequency of their use over a longer-term increase dramatically. 

The Digital Asset Management solution at the core of your XL.Today™ digital marketing platform does just that. It makes it easy for approved users to search your libraries and find the exact image, stock image, video or brand asset they need, exactly when they need it.

A central source of truth for all of your digital assets

Have your people incorrectly used an image, video or brand asset? Have they failed to seek approval or used an out of date asset? Are you always chasing copies of your brand assets from designers or advertising agencies? Do you have a way of accessing all of your digital assets within a couple of keystrokes? Are all of your assets securely stored in the cloud with automated back-ups? Are you fully in control of your digital asset library and investment? Are you using all of these assets as effectively as you could across all of your marketing channels? If not, you need to trial XL.Today™.

'Can I afford a Digital Asset Solution?'

Digital Asset Management solutions, such as the one at the core of XL.Today™ can cost more than USD $100,000. Your entire XL.Today™ digital marketing platform can cost as little as USD $520 per month… and it can increase your marketing capacity by 1800% overnight.