XL.Today digital marketing platform ROI calculator

Email campaigns

Almost every Email marketing solutions lacks one important element; the ability to manage digital assets such as images, brand assets and product descriptions. Your XL.Today™ solution includes an Digital Asset Management solution (or 'DAM') that is fully integrated into your campaign workflows. Your DAM dramatically reduces the time it takes to find the right images, product information and brand assets, dramatically reducing the time and costs of creating campaigns.

Use our Return On Investment (ROI) calculator to see how much time and money you can save each year, using XL.Today™.

* On average, the click rates of segmented campaigns are about 55% higher than those of non-segmented campaigns. **Based on average 2 images per email

Saving per year

Social media posts

If you factor in staging and taking a photo, cropping and editing the image, as well as writing the post, then posting it, it takes between 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours to create the average social media post.

It then takes an additional 15 minutes to edit and crop images, and create a post in the right format for each additional channel.

Following this process, if you post the same image to 3 social channels, it would take between 1 to 2 hours per multi-campaign posting. XL.Today™ can reduce this time to less than 5 minutes per multi-campaign posting.

If you remove the time it takes to search for images, then the average 3 channel campaign posts take 45 minutes.

*Based on recommended 2 per day, using 1 image per post, per profile

Saving per year

Image searches

You can use your XL.Today™ DAM for more than digital marketing campaigns. You can use it for managing images used in websites, print and POS collateral, video, artwork and other digital assets used by your marketing, sales...in fact anyone in your organization who uses images, production information, video artwork and brand assets.

Your marketing team alone spends as much as 40 minutes of the working day searching for the right images, brand assets and correct product information. Your XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management solution can reduce that time by as much as 50%.

Discover for yourself how much XL.Today™ can save you on image and assets searches alone.

*Based on 260 business days per year and industry statistics

Saving per year

Accessing wholesalers' images and digital assets

Many of the images and digital assets you need to create effective digital marketing campaigns have already been created by your wholesalers and suppliers. All you need to do is create a workflow that allows your wholesalers and suppliers to directly upload these assets to your DAM as soon as they are available. You then need only approve them for use with your marketing team.

Saving per year

Reviewing metrics & reporting across multiple channels

Your team needs to compare all of your digital marketing metrics to see what works. Without a solution like XL.Today™ that process can be time consuming and inaccurate.

To compare metrics, they need to open each channel and review them side by side. Alternatively, they can download individual metrics, and collate data into a single report. All of this is time consuming and inaccurate. XL.Today™ provides you with a single graphical dashboard where you can compare your channels side-by-side using the same metrics. You can even compare campaigns.

Actionable metrics

Use our calculator to see how much XL.Today™ can save you a year on metrics comparison and reporting.

Saving per year

Potential total savings per year with XL.Today™

Digital campaign

  • Email
    Campaigns $0.00
  • Social Media
    Posts $0.00
  • Time saved in review metrics& reporting across multiple channels $0.00
Your total potential annual savings with XL.Today™

Additional potential savings

  • Cost savings of accessing your wholesalers'
    images & digital assets $0.00
  • Images searches
Your total potential annual savings with XL.Today™


These are what you can save today with XL.Today™. It does not take into
consideration the additional revenue generated through more consistent,
professional and frequent engagement with current and potential customers.