A smarter way
to create digital marketing campaigns

You need to get smarter about your digital campaigns. XL.Today™ makes your smarter from day one.

 Plan better, more effective digital campaigns.

 Access your suppliers’ product image libraries, and create your own.

A Smarter way to create digital campaigns
XL.Today™ campaign workflow launch screen

Use simple workflows that streamline campaign creation across email, SMS and social channels.

Learn how to create more engaging visual content-driven campaigns, that drive sales and customer engagement.

We show you how to drive more online and in-store traffic.

We help you build, improve, segment and maximize the value of your customer databases.

XL.Today™ campaign workflow dashboard screen

View simple, ‘at-a-glance’ dashboards and reports that help you better understand what content works on each channel – and what doesn’t.

We provide the tools that improve management and efficiency of internal and external collaboration.

We make it practical for you to create more effective campaigns, more often.

We help you understand and put into practice the latest digital marketing best practices.

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