Is your marketing team taking too long to create campaigns?

Is your marketing team taking too long to create campaigns?

How long should it take for your team members to create a multi-channel digital marketing campaign? If we are to believe industry stats, a 5-channel campaign takes an average of 1.5 hours to create a launch. What are your times?

The benchmark of 1.5 hours

Your brand needs to create as many as 50 campaigns a month to meet channel best practices. Can you achieve that if it continues to take 1.5 hours a campaign? At those numbers, one member of your team needs to spend half of all their time just creating and launch these campaigns. Do you have the resources today to dedicate to one task?

A new benchmark for 2020

What if instead of spending 2 weeks each month just creating and launching campaigns, the same team member to do the same thing, but better in under 5 hours? XL.Today™ is a new digital marketing platform that makes this the new benchmark for multi-channel campaigns. 

What’s the benefit of faster campaign creation?

Inertia is the enemy of digital marketing. The longer it takes to create a campaign, the more chance there is that something else will take priority. Strike while the iron (and the idea) is hot. Create a campaign in just a few minutes and monitor its success in real-time. Do this over and over again or create and schedule multiple campaigns in the same sitting. You have the chance to transform your marketing and its impact on your business. It’s that simple.