How to create higher Facebook engagement

Learn how to create higher Facebook engagement

Make your posts visual

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Who says that? As it turns out more and more retailers like you. Most retailers have identified image based marketing as one of their top priorities.

Even though the average Facebook user spends 35 minutes viewing posts, posts are quickly scanned, with many being ignored. The best way to capture your customers and potential new customer eyes is with an image, which is why XL.Today™ provides you with the perfect solution to manage and use images.

Know your voice

Your Facebook presence should be consistent and presented with a single voice. The best voice you have should reflect the personality of your brand and ‘talk’ to the needs of your target audience. Think of your voice as a character in a book or a movie.

How do they act? What do they sound like? What is their conversation style (e.g. formal, casual, conversational, authorative, fun, fresh)? How would they respond to questions, compliments and complaints?

One way to help you find your voice is by defining your top 3 attributes.

Identify your top 3 attributes

Your goal with finding your voice should always be authenticity and the key to this is identifying your top 3 attributes.

Is your brand ‘fashion forward’? Are you about comfort, convenience or quality? Are you environmentally conscious? Is your brand about experience or superior customer service?

Most businesses can break down what they want to communicate to 3 single attributes. Work with your people to discover yours.

Ask questions

Facebook is social, which means that it works best when there is two-way engagement. One way that you can get you followers to engage is to ask them questions. If you’re a fashion brand, you may ask them about the favourite item they’ve bought from you in store or online. If you’re a homeware store, you may ask about the item they wish they had. A jeweller may ask questions about the story behind their favourite piece of jewellery.

Questions are great conversation starters, and when accompanied with an image, create fantastic opportunities for engagement.

Understand your target audience

This is one of the most fundamental secrets to having a successful Facebook profile… and it’s something that most businesses get wrong.

Find out what your Facebook followers want, what they need, what are their questions and what are their concerns and you’ll be on your way to identifying your target audience.

Change your tone to match your Audience

Although your voice should not change, you tone should to match your audience. What is the difference between voice and tone? Again, thing of your voice as a character in a book. Its consistent, however their tone will change between how they talk to different people.
Tone reflects styles of enunciation, your choice of words and lengths of sentences. Part of your audience will be motivated by sales. The tone of these post may be focused on immediacy and offer, requiring short concise information, whereas a new product offer may require a more emotive aspirational tone, with a back story.

Stay focused

Use XL.Today™ to help your identity what your Facebook fans respond to. Learn what post work best and which times of the day and week generate the highest engagement levels. Stay specific and focused on what works.

Keep posts simple

More often the posts that have the best engagement levels have a single image and a short text that speaks to the target audience. A post might be an image of a new product with an interesting fact (e.g. ‘these chairs were handmade from recycled timber, sourced from a locally demolished textile factory).

Be consistent

Many companies are inconsistent with the Facebook posts. It’s understandable as so many other things take priority, however on Facebook fans expect consistency.

If you treat your Facebook page as their friend, who only talks to them when they want something, they’re not going to be too interested in what you have to say. On the other hand, if you’re a friend that’s interested in their concerns and needs, and you have a regular dialogue, then there is a much greater chance of engagement and trust.

If your struggling to think of regular content, consider using XL.Today™ to post more photos, ask questions and ask for likes, and celebrate today. Also consider different campaigns to target different fans and don’t forget to mention about Facebook.

Have fun

Again, Facebook is a social platform. As long as you keep with your authentic voice, don’t betray your brand and don’t offend anyone, it’s ok to have some fun.

Fun can take many forms. It may be a playful dialogue with a follower. It can be you not taking yourself too seriously. It can even be over exuberant about an image you have posted.

The more post you do with XL.Today™, the more you understand your target audience and the more confident you will become at posting to Facebook, which will result in you and your fans having more fun, and higher Facebook engagement.

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