We want you to be
better digital marketers

XL.Today™ starts by providing you with a digital marketing solution with remote access. We then provide a video channel that in minutes helps you master XL.Today™. We then provide ongoing insights to keep you up to date with the latest trends and best practices to maximize customer engagement.

Be a better digital marketer

You cannot be a better digital marketer without access. Psychologists the world over will tell you that access is the key to behavioral change. To become a better digital marketer, you need improved access to the assets that allow you to create content and campaigns. Access to the tools that help you improve collaboration.

Access to the types of information that allow you to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy. You need access to processes that improve you and your team’s efficiency. XL.Today™ provides you with this secure access, from any location.

A better solution

Our goal with XL.Today™ was to build the world’s best visual digital marketing platform. We believe we have achieved this goal and invite you to trial it for yourself, free of charge for 30 days.

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Become a better digital marketer

Learn faster

Every new software solution takes time to master. XL.Today™ is easier to use and as such, faster to learn.

Rather than provide you with a ‘how to manual’, we provide you with a video learning channel. Once you sign up for a trial or become a XL.Today™ user, you have full access to a video learning channel that allows you (and your team) to master our easy-to-learn solution in minutes.

Below are samples of some of the videos you will have access to:

5 best practices for Twitter posts

5 best practices for SMS campaigns

How to use campaign images in XL.Today

Digital marketing insights

Our role is more than software providers. We see XL.Today™ as digital marketing mentors. XL.Today™ provides digital marketing insights that help you and your team become more effective and more professional marketers.

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