A safer way to work

At the heart of XL.Today is a world-class digital asset management solution.

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A safer place to store your assets

XL.Today™ is the first mid-market Digital Marketing platform with a Digital Asset Management solution at its core. Create a secure, ‘single source of truth’ for all of your digital and brand assets*.

A safer way for your team to collaborate

Dramatically improve marketing collaboration with remote access to the digital assets that drive your marketing and communication strategies.

Manage teams and your brand by controlling who has access to your images, videos, and brand assets with role-based access and approval processes.

A safer way to discover & use your assets

Add value to your existing digital assets by simplifying discovery and repurposing of your images, videos, and brand assets for campaigns, websites, point of sale, and presentations twice as fast as you do today*.

Access and update images, videos, brand, and digital assets efficiently with controlled access, version control, and Adobe CS Integration*.

Protect your brand by controlling access and how brand assets are used.

A safer way to organise & backup your assets

Maintain digital asset integrity by securely backing up and storing your core digital assets and automatically creating copies and derivatives suited to your needs.

Attach metadata such as product descriptions, tags, and hashtags to your digital assets to reduce the risk of mistakes and improve discovery.

A safer & faster way to turn your assets into actionable campaigns

Streamline and reduce the time it takes to create a 5-channel campaign from an industry average of 1.5 hours to as little as 5 minutes by discovering content faster and automatically adding accurate descriptions, via your integrated XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management solution.