Optimize digital marketing and save

The pressure of rapid market changes demands businesses look at ways to reduce the cost of marketing while increasing frequency and effectiveness. XL.Today™ makes this possible.

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Return On Investment

Management have an expectation that you demonstrate a Return On Investment for all marketing costs. XL.Today™ allows you to save money from day one. Simply click on the link below and use our ROI calculator to create a report that shows how much XL.Today™ can save you, even before you make the first sales on your first campaign.

How much could you save?

  • Digital campaign

    • Email
      Campaigns $3,240
    • Social Media
      Posts $20,124
    • Time saved in review metrics& reporting across multiple channels $2,340
    Your total potential annual savings with XL.Today™
  • Additional potential savings

    • Cost saving of accessing your wholesalers'
      images & digital assets$90,000
    • Images searches

    Your total potential annual savings with XL.Today™

Everything you need, and nothing else

XL.Today™ is possibly the most cost effective and practical digital marketing platform every designed. We started with the belief that retailers need a specific set of tools and marketing processes to be more effective digital marketers.

These tools included and efficient way to create and manage libraries of visual and product content, smart campaign creation workflows, and simple to understand campaign performance dashboards and reporting. We also designed email templates to meet the needs of customers and today’s retailers.

In short, with XL.Today™ you’re only paying for the things you and your team need and will use every day.

Lower cost consumables

Email and SMS consumable are the hidden costs that inflate the cost of most digital marketing solutions. With XL.Today™ we have built a pricing model where we can provide you with high volumes of emails and SMS’s, within standard packages. What’s more, we allow you to accumulate unused consumables for as long as you continue to be a customer. This allows you to create more campaigns during peak selling seasons, without occurring extra costs.

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A more cost effective way to create digital marketing campaigns

Access free images to use in campaigns

You can reduce the cost of images used in campaigns by not paying for them at all. Most of your suppliers have already invested in the creation of high quality product images. XL.Today™ makes it practical for you to provide simple access for them to upload these images and product descriptions, directly into your product image library.

Because XL.Today™ provides you with arguably the worlds’ best Digital Asset Management solution, your suppliers can have confidence in the fact that you can adhere to their usage rights and ensure that only the latest and accurate product information is used in campaigns.

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