Digital Asset Management in XL.Today™

Digital Asset Management in XL.Today™

Why you need a Digital Asset Management solution

A Digital Asset Management solution is software that allows you to store, organize and easily find all of your images, videos and brand assets. The best Digital Asset Management solutions make it easy to share these assets, manage usage rights and deploy them in the right format for each application. 

If you are like most organizations, you haven’t gotten around to creating a ‘single source of truth’ for your product, service and brand images, videos and other brand assets. That’s costing you a great deal of time and frustration. It’s costing you money as well.

Why don’t most organizations have a Digital Asset Management solution?

It comes down to understanding, priorities…and something much more practical. Few organizations have had the benefit of using a ‘good’ Digital Asset Management solution. Those who have will tell you how they are using all of their images, videos and brand assets more often. They will also show you how much time they save finding images. They will also tell you that they are making fewer errors and reducing the risk associated with usage rights.

Those who don’t currently use a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution may not even know what one is. Others will tell you that DAM’s are too expensive, or they don’t have time to set one up. The irony is if these people and organizations had the right DAM, they would have more time and easily justify the cost of the DAM, with the time savings alone.

There is another more practical reason that organizations don’t have Digital Asset Management solutions. It’s the fact that most Digital Asset Management solutions don’t integrate into their Digital Marketing Platforms. There is one exception to this. It’s XL.Today™.

A Digital Asset Management solution for digital marketing

Your XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management solution is integral to your XL.Today™ campaign creation workflow. It ensures that the approved images you use on email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are in the right format. Your XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management solution also allows you to add or use embedded product and service descriptions, which you can then use to create your email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.

Reformatting of images for campaigns

Rather than formatting images for each channel in your digital campaigns, your XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management solution automatically creates a derivative. A derivative is another version of your file that has been optimized for use in a channel. This allows you to always have your hi-res file, with additional versions. It’s a big time saver, ensures you follow channel ‘best practices’ and helps you retain the image fidelity of your original image.

Using your XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management solution for other projects

Although your XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management solution has been fully integrated into your XL.Today™ campaign workflow, you can also use it as a solution to manage your digital assets for your website, point of sale, documents, in fact, anything else where you use images, videos or other brand assets.

Your XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) is so advanced, you can use embedded codes on your website. This allows you to make a change to an image in your DAM and have the image updated on your site. Your XL.Today™ DAM also has other advanced features that allow you to organize and manage usage rights and derivatives for video.

Risk management

Your XL.Today™ DAM allows you to control who has access to images and other digital assets. You can choose to limit which images are available for campaigns. You can also restrict access to these assets until your team has added the right product descriptions and metadata. Your XL.Today™ DAM puts you in complete control.

Collaborative marketing with wholesalers

Imagine how much time you could save if you could quickly gain access to your wholesalers’ images and other digital assets. XL.Today™ provides several simple options to allow your wholesalers to directly upload images to your XL.Today™ DAM. If your wholesalers have already embedded image descriptions through Adobe Bridge or other means, then these descriptions will automatically be available for inclusion. You can also add your own descriptions or update existing descriptions easily. 

With more images and brand assets, you can create more campaigns, more often and drive greater sales opportunities.

From beginner to advanced

You can benefit immediately from your XL.Today™ DAM, even if you only use it to organise a few images. In the longer term, you will find more and more uses for your XL.Today™ DAM. Today you can benefit from faster and more professional campaign management. Tomorrow the sky’s the limit. 

Incredible value for money

Best of all with XL.Today™ you have a world class Digital Asset Management solution, and one of the world’s smartest and fastest digital marketing platforms, for less than the price of just a comparable Digital Asset Management solution.

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