Marketing software

Marketing software

The best marketing software is the one that you like to use every day and delivers measurable results. The best marketing software is XL.Today™.

Why you want marketing software you like to use every day

Marketing is like exercising. You need to do a little every day to get results. You get little benefit if you try to run a marathon without building up your fitness first. Marketing works the same day. 

Research clearly shows you're better off to run lots of small, highly targeted and personalized campaigns every day of the year, rather than a single big burst. Why? Because with marketing you're trying to connect with people, and that takes regular personalized contact. You're trying to win their trust. You're trying to get them to believe in your brand, product or service. That happens incrementally. That only happens with consistency.

The best marketing software is all about results

The best marketing software focuses on delivering measurable results. You need software that makes it practical at a glance to view the effectiveness of campaigns. When you're running multi-channel or omnichannel campaigns, you also need the ability to drill down to look at results by channel and even individual posts.

Results should also educate you on what works, and what doesn't. Results should empower and embolden you to try new approaches, with new offers and new images. The best marketing software should educate you and help you become a better, results-driven marketer.

The best marketing software is XL.Today™.

There are many marketing software solutions available. Many of them focus on digital marketing, like XL.Today™, however there is something unique about XL.Today™. XL.Today™ was built from the ground up as a visual digital marketing platform. Images are in our DNA. With XL.Today™ we have built a digital marketing platform that puts your images at the forefront of your email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram campaigns. 

What does this mean for you? 

For a start, searching for campaign images takes seconds. Next, campaigns can take as little as 5 minutes. 5 minutes for 5 channels. That's following channel best practices and producing professional quality emails, SMS and social media posts. 5 minutes per campaign means more targeted, personalized campaigns all the time. Save time, save money and drive more results-driven campaigns. Simple.