Visual storytelling powered by XL.Today™

Visual storytelling powered by XL.Today™

Our cultural references have become increasingly visual. This is partly the result of everyone carrying a phone, and partly a consequence of diminishing attention spans. The most successful brands have embraced this fact and are placing greater emphasis on visual storytelling than the written word. 

Mastering visual storytelling

Brands can create images that capture core brand values and the aspirations of a target audience. Whether it’s an irreverent image for a street fashion brand, an image that shows cultural and gender diversity to capture a sense of inclusion, or simply an image that demonstrates a solution to a problem, visual storytelling can make connections faster.

The key to mastering visual storytelling is understanding your target audience and connecting with them emotionally. Take the right image and combine it with just the right words, and you have the power to connect and influence behavior.

Why brands don’t do more visual storytelling

One of the challenges for brands is the investment required to create and manage visual content. On average a commercial image costs $300 to create, which is why it’s so important to use images multiple times, across multiple platforms.

A $300 investment in a single image is cost-prohibitive for single-use, however, if you use it dozens of times across multiple channels in the right ways, then it becomes a smart low-cost investment in increasing brand awareness, engagement and conversions. 

The power of XL.Today™ in visual storytelling

XL.Today™ is possibly the smartest digital marketing platform available. It was built from the ground up as a digital marketing platform for visual storytelling. Your XL.Today™ subscription provides you with your own digital asset management platform (to store and manage your images and brand assets) as well as a smart campaign workflow. 

Your digital asset management solution 

Your XL.Today™ digital asset management solution allows you to build your own visual libraries, making it easier to find and use images more frequently. It also makes it practical to build visual stories based on themes, subject matter, format and even color. 

Your smart campaign workflows 

Your XL.Today™ smart campaign workflows allow you to create and amplify your stories through email, SMS and social channels in just a few minutes. 

Your campaign dashboards

Your XL.Today™ campaign dashboards make it simple to view campaign results at a glance. Now you can compare engagement across all of your channels in a single screen, in a format that’s ideal to use in group presentations. Take the ambiguity out of understanding and comparing channel results and even separate campaigns and focus your marketing on what works.

The world’s most powerful Visual storytelling platform for business

Is XL.Today™ the world’s most powerful Visual storytelling platform for business? We think it is and we believe you will feel the same way once you’ve tried it yourself free for 30 days.