Professional social media marketing made simple

Professional social media marketing made simple

Let's face it; few mid-sized businesses have the time and resources to create the social media profiles they need to deliver real, measurable results. They either hand their profiles over to someone junior, outsource it to someone who may not know the business as well as they should, or post in fits and starts. 

What if there was a way not just to manage but create a social media profile for your mid-sized business that increase both your brand value and integrity, as well as delivered predictable and measurable sales? There is. It's XL.Today™.

Why social is important

We only need to look at the impact of social media on elections to see how powerful and essential it has become. There is no aspect of our lives that is not touched by social media. It has proven to be a more powerful and effective influencer than the media. It is where we first learn about everything that influences every sphere of our lives. Businesses that have embraced this new paradigm and adequately manage their social profiles benefits on every level.

What it normally takes to build an effective social media profile

The average person spends 144 minutes each day, 7 days a week. That's 16.8 hours a week that you have a chance to connect with your target audience. The question is, how do you create a profile that allows you to become an effective communicator. Below are the recommended posts (by channel) that a business should create each week. 

Facebook- 3 times
Twitter- 35 times
Instagram- 10 times
LinkedIn - 3 times

Combined, a business should create 51 posts a week. On average, the average marketer spends between 1 to 6 hours on each piece of content. Once you start doing the numbers, it becomes clear why it's so hard for the average mid-sized business to build and maintain its social media profile.

 The game changer

What if you could create and launch a single campaign that included any combination of these channels in as little as 5 minutes? What if you could schedule these campaigns and create a week or months' worth of posts in advance? What if you could discover what campaigns and content delivers measurable results in seconds, then use this information to improve your next campaign. What if there was a simple way to improve your posts' accuracy and repurpose existing content easily? What if a simple campaign workflow made sure your maximized reach and followed best practice for each channel, every single time? This is the promise of XL.Today™.

What makes XL.Today™ different?

Marketers and XL.Today™ have an appreciation of visual assets that most marketing platforms don't. XL.Today™ has developed a next-generation agile digital marketing platform that places images and brand assets at its core. XL.Today™ is built around a full feature Digital Asset Management solution designed to provide a secure, cloud-based 'single source of truth for digital assets. 

This solution uses a combination of AI and metadata to deliver a user discovery experience that makes it simple to find and use assets. The Digital Asset Management solution allows you to store large image files and automatically create derivatives optimized for social media. It will enable you to tag each image and brand asset with the correct titles, descriptions, and usage rights, reducing risks of errors and improving the speed of campaign creation.

The sum is greater than the whole of its parts

When combined with smart campaign workflows (including email and SMS), the XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management solution improves campaign creation speed from an industry average of 1.5 hours to as little as 5 minutes. Add that up over a year and XL.Today™ could save your business thousands of work hours while dramatically improving your social media profile and sales.