Local Government DIY digital marketing platform

Local Government DIY digital marketing platform

Covid-19 and extreme weather updates are just two reasons why it is so important for Local Government to maintain a dialogue with ratepayers and residents. There are also the more predictable discussions around changes to service delivery and local resources where it's vital to keep ratepayers and residents engaged where they seek information.

Why DIY digital marketing platform has become so important

A DIY digital marketing solution like XL.Today™ has moved from the 'nice to have' column to 'essential' for Local Government authorities for the following 5 key reasons.

Reason #1. Timely response

XL.Today™ allows you to create content and amplify it through email, SMS, and social media in as little as 5 minutes, removing any inertia you have to increase engagement with ratepayers and residents, media, and other stakeholders. 

Reason #2. Centralized management and control

XL.Today™ allows you to aggregate all of your content in a Digital Asset Management solution (or 'DAM') and manage who has access and how. These digital assets can include meta-tagging, descriptions, and usage rights that increase the speed they are discovered and ensure the appropriate people have access while decreasing mistakes. Once you have created your collection, your authorized team members can access approved content and use it to create campaigns they launch once approved or scheduled for later release.

Reason #3. Targeting

Chances are you have a highly qualified database of ratepayers and maybe residents, media, and other stakeholders. If not, you may be looking for ways to increase the quality of your databases. XL.Today™ allows you to create and store database target segments in just a few seconds and updates this information moments before campaigns are launched. This allows your team to create communications that are launched at any time and always have the most up to date targeting information.

Social media allows you to make posts now or schedule posts in advance when you would like them to appear. XL.Today™ allows you to add customized URL's to posts, enabling you to track engagement by post and channel, allowing you to develop a more precise understanding of who is engaging with your messaging and through which channels. You can also use these posts to increase your knowledge of where your target audiences seek information and provide self-service options to update their contact information.

Reason #4. The right channels for the right messages

Sometimes you need to push messages only to ratepayers. Sometimes you want to expand the reach of your messaging to the broader community. XL.Today™ provides you with a solution to choose how you promote your messages and when. 

Imagine that you have a message that needs to be conveyed to ratepayers or media instantly, with levels of engagement of more than 90%. For this purpose, XL.Today™ recommends you create and send targeted SMS messages in our platform and monitor engagement in just a few minutes. 

Imagine you have a holiday event you want to promote to a broader target audience. In this case, XL.Today™ would recommend using our multi-channel capabilities to push your messaging to segments or your entire target audience and use our social media posting functions to expand your reach. We even provide you with hashtag capabilities that increase your reach beyond your existing followers. Once you have launched your campaign through XL.Today™ you can monitor engagement in near real-time.

Reason #5. Efficiency and accountability

Your ratepayers expect greater efficiency for the rates they pay. The wider community, media, and other stakeholders demand more openness. XL.Today™ allows you overnight to reduce the cost of communication and provide ways to monitor engagement. 

XL.Today™ allows you to reduce the incidents of errors through advanced content management and approval processes that improve the accuracy of messaging. With XL.Today™ you can centralize control of your assets and campaigns, allowing secure remote access to your team and content providers.

The main reason you need an XL.Today™ DIY digital marketing platform

The world has changed and will continue to change at an increasingly rapid rate. You are charged with maintaining a dialogue with selected groups and the broader community on important issues and changes. The only way to do this effectively and efficiently is through a DIY digital marketing platform like XL.Today™. 

XL.Today™ is possibly the fastest and smarter digital marketing platform available on the market today. It features a Digital Asset Management solution that local, state, and federal governments love the world over. XL.Today™ provides you with the tools you need to turn more of your people into effective communicators while maintaining centralized control. It allows your people to work securely from and local with internet access and provide you with near real-time graphical reporting that anyone can understand. 

XL.Today™ is a high-performance DIY digital marketing solution ideally suited to a world where communication with the right messages, at the right time, across the right channels is essential.