How to build your own product image libraries

How to build your own product image libraries

When surveyed, the majority of retailers have identified ‘creating visual content’, ‘Finding more/better ways to repurpose content’, and ‘Content optimization’ as 3 of their top 5 marketing priorities.

In other words, they want to find more ways to use their images to create more engaging online content, more often. To begin to achieve these goals, retailers must first create their own product images libraries.

This is where XL.Today™ can help.

Where are your product and brand images today?

In the image management sector, they say that ‘a visual asset is only an asset if you can find it easily’. This is the principle behind XL.Today™. We know that one of the primary reasons Retailers fail to maximise the value of their images is that they have trouble finding them.

The image may reside on a central server, on an individual computer, remain with a photographer, designer or agency. They may even be floating around on a USB or hard disk. Couple this with multiple versions of the same file and a picture starts to emerge.

The more difficult an image is to locate, the less chance there is it will be used multiple times. In fact, the harder it is to access an image in the right format, the longer it takes to create a campaign or post, guaranteeing your team are less efficient.

By using a Digital Asset Management solution (DAM), such as the one included in your XL.Today™ subscription, you can reduce the time it takes to find an image by as much as 85%*.

Creating your own image library

No matter where your images are today, you can start to build your own professional image library today. You may start with just the images you have recently taken. Upload them to your personal XL.Today™ image library, follow the simple prompts and start to create properly catalogued folders of content in just a few minutes. Add new content as needed or as time permits.

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Provide access to content developers

Make sure to provide access to all involved in the creation of images and brand assets, so they can add new images. Add product descriptions and other metadata, catalogue and release this content as and when you need it. All the while, you’re creating a ‘single source of truth’ for all of your images and brand assets, in the cloud.

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Creating visual content

Once you have your content on your XL.Today™ image library, you’re then ready to create a lot more target campaigns faster. Your XL.Today™ image library is integrated into your campaign workflows. This integration allows you to pick a single image to use across a campaign or select different images to be used across different channels.

What’s more, your XL.Today™ image library automatically delivers an optimized file for each channel, removing the need to resize or reformat images for each channel.

Manage access to your XL.Today™ image library

You want to make sure your images are secure and that only those with approved access can use images. Your XL.Today™ image library allows you to allocate roles to each user, ensuring you maintain control over image usage. Your XL.Today™ image library also sits behind a state of the art security system and has multiple backups.

Finding more/better ways to repurpose content

Now you’re set up with your XL.Today™ image library and you have set up roles for your team, and you’ve done your first campaigns, you’re ready to start maximizing the value of your images and brand assets.

Now you can start targeting different segments of your customer database, using the same images. You can create a different call to action and offers, testing what works and what delivers the highest response rates, then use this knowledge to target other segments.

You may be using the same image, but your targeting different segments, so customers will not be fatigued.

How to use your XL.Today™ image library beyond campaigns

You’re maximizing the value of your images, thanks to your XL.Today™ image library. This is just the start. Now you have a centralised image library, you can use it to help manage your website, merchandising and other forms of marketing.

Your XL.Today™ image library ensures you have absolute control of your images and how and when they are used. You also mitigate risk by managing usage rights and ensure your images are up to date and have the right descriptors.

Once you have created your XL.Today™ image library, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.