Dropbox vs. Digital Asset Management

Dropbox vs. Digital Asset Management

Over 500 million people worldwide use Dropbox, so why is it not the best solution for Marketers? 

Dropbox is a file sharing service. A Digital Asset Management solution, like the one provided to every XL.Today™ subscriber includes file sharing; however it offers much more sophisticated, intuitive and practical tools for marketers.


With Dropbox, you can search by folders or file names; however, you need to know exactly what you're looking for. The XL.Today™ DAM allows you to search by categories, keywords, location, date, description and creator. The XL.Today™ DAM also uses Artificial Intelligence to review every image in your DAM and suggests tags based on content.  

Files Formats

Dropbox places a limit on your file sizes. If you only have jpegs or pdf's, then Dropbox is fine, however for most Marketers they want to securely store and access larger working files, such as RAM images and ProRes video files. Your XL.Today™ DAM is not only designed to manage these and many other file formats securely, it also creates derivatives of files that are optimized for social media channels.


Dropbox allows you to manage access control for folders, XL.Today™ goes much further. Your XL.Today™ subscription enables you to control access by roles. You can provide access to a photographer to upload images and add metadata, without allowing them to see anything else. You can enable a Social Media coordinator to access pre-approved campaign images. You can provide access that will allow users to search all of your assets but requires your approval before use. These are just a few ways you can securely maintain access and usage of your images and other digital assets with XL.Today™.


Dropbox is a file sharing solution. It lacks many of the workflow features that make XL.Today™ a better solution for Marketers who want to streamline content creation. For designers, XL.Today™ provides an integration option into Adobe CS, which allows secure access to work on files in the Adobe ecosystem and save updated versions directly back into the DAM, from Adobe.

XL.Today™ also includes Teambox, a solution designed to enable project teams to collaborate on content creation and selection. Combine these features with role-based access and approvals, and you have a solution that is perfectly suited to the needs of today's Marketers.

Dropbox vs. Digital Asset Management 

As you can now see, while Dropbox has set the benchmark for Cloud-based file sharing, it is not the best way to create a 'single source of truth' for content creation, storage and usage. Your Dropbox is more of a filing cabinet, which is something Marketers stopped using a long time ago.