Why brands choose DAMs

Why brands choose DAMs

The most successful brands choose Digital Asset Management (or 'DAM) systems over file management systems. Why? For the same reason, you keep your books on a bookshelf and not in a filing cabinet; Visibility.

Seeing with new eyes

Marcel Proust wrote, "The voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes but having new eyes." He could have been talking about digital asset collections. Often without realizing it, brands create large collections of images, videos, and brand assets. These collections then grow exponentially with versions and variations. Brands may store these digital assets on file management systems, servers, computers, and devices. Often the original versions and components of these files are retained by external content creators. Whatever the process or methodology, without a DAM, it becomes almost impossible to see and realize the full value of a collection.

What is a DAM?

A DAM is a centralized solution that helps store, organize, manage, and create digital assets such as images, videos, audio files, and brand assets. A DAM becomes essential business software once a collection exceeds 800 assets. This may seem a lot, however, once you go through the process of collecting every image, version of a professional and internally created brand, product and service image, stock image, video, video component, brochure, point of sale item, web element, exhibition and display graphic, social media post, item of packaging, branding asset and countless other digital asset you have commissioned or created over the years, you will find your collection easily exceeds 800 items.

Brand consistency

Your DAM is also one of the most reliable ways of ensuring everything that comes out of your company is on-brand. By centralizing your digital assets in the cloud, you can provide approved access that ensures that the right people use the right branding assets in the right way. You can even use your DAM to create an auditable trail of who accessed which asset at what time.

Marketing efficiency

On average, marketing investments now represent more than 10% of revenue for businesses around the world. More than a quarter of that goes on the creation of digital marketing assets. Unlike physical assets, the same digital asset can be used in many places at the same time. Your DAM can help you scale content creation and delivery, saving time with more manageable, approved access enabling better collaboration with teams.

Maximized talent

Whether it's creating a marketing campaign, a presentation or pitch deck, a website, social media posts, packaging, exhibitions, tenders, marketing or training collateral, more and more of your people are accessing and using your digital assets from multiple locations. 
By dramatically improving discovery and approved access, you can reduce your team's time on repetitive tasks while maximizing the value of your ongoing investment in your digital asset collection.

What is the value of your digital asset collection?

You are continually investing in your digital asset collection. It started with your logo and other brand assets and has continued to grow with every picture, graphic, video, and other digital assets you've created. Factor in the fact that your brand represents as much as 30% of your business's overall value, and it becomes clear, your digital asset collection is very valuable. It makes sense to protect both the integrity of that brand and the associated digital assets with a secure, cloud based-digital asset management solution. 

The future of digital asset management is here

The natural extension of a digital asset management solution is a solution that allows you to create more and better-targeted marketing campaigns effortlessly. XL.Today™ is that solution. At the core of XL.Today™ is one of the world's most loved digital asset management solutions. This focus on 'digital assets first' has allowed XL.Today™, to deliver a marketing platform that allows you to create multichannel marketing campaigns in as little as 5 minutes. That's 18 times faster than the industry average.

Imagine a new future

Imagine your team defining a target segment and creating 10 professional, personalized, best practice, multichannel digital marketing campaigns in under an hour. Imagine how much that could improve customer engagement. Image what that increase in marketing activity could do for your bottom line. Image how much more efficient it would make your marketing department. Imagine how much extra value you could squeeze out of the investment you've made in your digital asset collection.  Imagine and create a new future with XL.Today™.