Target market segmentation in XL.Today™

Target market segmentation in XL.Today™

The era of mass marketing is over. Databases are at their most powerful when segmented. Blasting your entire database is a guaranteed way of decreasing engagement rates and increasing opt-out rates.

If you want to increase engagement and conversion levels from your existing customer database, the simplest way to do this is through a database segment. If you want to know why read on.

Target your communication to specific audiences

Database segments allow you to target specific audiences with specific messages. Use existing data fields (e.g. sales history, engagement history, demographic and psychographic data) to segment your database, then create messaging that corresponds with the desires and needs of this segment. Almost without fail you will find that all of your KPI's will improve on campaigns.

Listen to what you're existing customers are telling you

If your marketing activity relates better to previous customer behaviour, then you have a greater chance of success. You may have collected this data through your e-Commerce store, Point of Sale or CRM. This is your chance to put it to work to deliver more meaningful messages to all of your customers, more often.  Once you start using more database segments that overlap individual customer profiles, you will start to build a much more accurate understanding of how to improve marketing activity.

'What does all of this mean?'

The more granular your marketing reports, the greater chance you have of understanding what works and doesn't work. Target market segmentation allows you to drill down to smaller and smaller market segments and identify specific activity that generates measurable results. It's how you take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy.

'Doesn't more segments create more work?'

The more segments you create, the more tailored content and campaigns you need to create. To a normal under-resourced Marketing team, this would be too much, however to a Marketing team using XL.Today™ they can take all of this in their stride. 

Why? XL.Today™ was built for Target market segmentation. XL.Today™ allows marketing teams to build a target market segment and create and launch a personalized campaign in as little as 5 minutes. They can then watch how that segment and messaging perform against similar campaigns in a graphical dashboard. Marketing teams using XL.Today™ can even compare historical campaigns and use these insights to inform future campaigns.

Social media targeting

XL.Today™ extends targeting beyond email and SMS. Within your campaigns, XL.Today™ allows you to identify the more appropriate and highest performing hashtags to help you increase the reach of your social media posts. The right hashtags are the simplest way to improve campaign reach.

Target market segmentation in XL.Today™

With XL.Today™ it's possible to break your target market down to a granular level and push targeted and personalized content faster than ever before. XL.Today™ provides your team with the opportunity to increase your campaign creation efficiency and campaign effectiveness. Want to see how?

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