XL Lite™ digital marketing solution

$520 USD / Per Month, Paid Annually or $650 USD / Per Month, Paid Monthly

XL Lite™ is ideally suited to businesses with a turnover of more than $2M or retailers with less than 10 stores, who want to use their time, resources more efficiently, and knowledge to create engaging content that drives sales and builds brand awareness. XL Lite™ is simple enough to set up yourself in minutes.

Fully integrated Digital Asset Management solution

Your XL Lite™ subscription provides you with something unseen in similarly based solutions; A fully integrated Digital Asset Management Solution. A Digital Asset Management Solution is an essential tool for Visual Content marketing, as it allows you to properly manage both the production, access, and usage of images and brand assets. What's more, your XL Lite™ Digital Asset Management Solution creates greater opportunity to securely access and manage the usage of suppliers' brands, products, and service images.

Smart campaign workflows

Your XL Lite™ solution makes it possible to create a campaign that includes any combination of email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in one simple Smart campaign workflow. Now you can select campaign images and descriptions from your image library, then create personalized emails and SMS's (Text messages) to existing or new segments from your database. 

In the same workflow, you can create posts for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Your Smart campaign workflow allows you to research, select, and save hashtags to increase the size of your target audience and the effectiveness of your social media posts. With your XL Lite™ subscription, this can all be achieved in just a few minutes.

Remote team management

Manage your team, and content creators from anywhere, with secure access and project management tools. Maintain control over who has access to images, videos, and brand assets across all of your marketing and communication activities.

Graphical dashboard

How do you compare campaigns across your email, SMS, and all of your social channels at the same time? With XL Lite™, it's simple. Each campaign you create in XL Lite™ has its own Graphical dashboard where you can visually compare results across all channels, using the same assessment criteria. You can also create PDFs and print out reports to share with any member of your team.

10 Campaign slots

With XL Lite™, it's possible to create and monitor 10 campaigns in less time than it currently takes you to make one. Plus, each of your campaigns can be any combination of email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your XL Lite™ subscription provides you with 10 campaign slots, allowing you to run and monitor 10 campaigns simultaneously.

35,000 emails

Your XL Lite™ subscription provides you with 35,000 emails per month, which allows you to take advantage of your 10 campaign slots and run any combination of highly targeted, multi-channel campaigns at the same time. Plus, any emails you don't use within the month accumulate for use in the future.*

700 text or SMS messaging

Target your very best customers with 700 personalized SMS or Text messages per month. Your XL Lite™ subscription also allows you to accumulate* unused SMS or Text messages and use them for new product launches, events, and VIP offers, or any peak activity or selling season. SMS and Text messaging has response rates 8 times higher than emails, allowing you the opportunity to focus on driving more activity from your most valued customers.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posting

With XL Lite™, you can create professional standard posts on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts at the same time. You can then measure engagement levels from each channel, using the same criteria, in the same graphical dashboard and printable reports. With XL Lite™, it's simple to compare the effectiveness of all of your digital marketing campaigns and channels, using the same assessment criteria.


Your XL Lite™ subscription allows you to provide access for 2 administrators, and up to 3 team members. Your administrators can also be third party suppliers and content creators. 

Learning platform

You will find that XL Lite™ is one of the simplest and most intuitive software solutions you've ever used; however, if you ever have any questions, you will find answers in your 24/7 'Learn' video training channel. Your XL Lite™ 'Learn' video training channel is one of the most comprehensive video training channels ever created. It has been designed to empower you and your team to maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing in as little time as possible.

Online support

If you can't find the answers you need in your 24/7 'Learn' video training channel, you can contact our online support team.

*Conditions apply