What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

If you own the rights to your digital images, videos, documents, music and audio files they  are considered digital assets. Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the process by which you manage the discovery, use  and sharing of your digital assets.

What is Digital Asset Management software?

Digital Asset Management software (such as what is at the core of XL.Today™) allows you to create a secure library of your digital assets and manage rules and access around who has access  and how they are used.

When do I need Digital Asset Management software?

There is a magic number when it comes to managing digital assets…800. When the combine size your digital asset collection reaches 800, then you need Digital Asset Management software. Why? A collection of more than 800 assets becomes difficult to properly manage, opening your business up to. Misuse of assets, copyright infringement, loss of control and even loss of assets.

Discoverability of digital assets

If digital assets are not easily discoverable, then they might as well not exist. Your XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) software allows you to curate your collection into an easy to navigate secure cloud-based library of content. You add descriptions and tags that make it simple and fast to discover images, videos, brand and other digital assets in seconds. You can also control workflows around who has access to your digital assets and what approvals they need.

'Is Dropbox Digital Asset Management software?'

The short answer is 'no'. Dropbox is a file sharing solution. It falls short of Digital Asset Management software by only providing basic search functions and non-visual searches. Dropbox also does not allow you to automatically create derivatives of files, which protects the integrity of your original digital assets, while automatically creating optimised file types for different channels or use. Your XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management software does all of this while allowing you to discover, access and add your digital assets inside your campaign workflows.

XL.Today™ Digital Asset Management software

Digital Asset Management software is an essential business solution, made better by XL.Today™. By integrating Digital Asset Management software into a digital marketing platform you create the ideal environment to create, curate, discover digital assets, then build professional marketing campaigns in as little as 5 minutes. XL.Today™ is one of the most common-sense changes ever made to Digital Asset Management software. Why pay for Digital Asset Management software alone, when you can have one of the fastest campaign creation and monitoring platforms for the same price.