How to access suppliers’ product image libraries

How to access suppliers’ product and image libraries

Collaborating with suppliers allows you to leverage their creativity, experience and resources, to achieve your marketing goals.

XL.Today™ streamlines collaboration and provides you with opportunities to improve your digital marketing in ways you haven’t yet experienced.

Accessing suppliers’ digital marketing assets

Most of your suppliers’ have already invested in the creation of images, videos, product descriptions and other brand assets. All you need to do is create an environment where it is practical and secure to access these resources.

The Digital Asset Management solution provided to you by XL.Today™ has been designed to enable access to your suppliers’ resources and address many of the concerns that they have.

Why suppliers don’t like releasing their digital marketing assets to most retailers

Your suppliers expend vast resources in the creation and protection of their product image libraries. The last thing they want to do is release these assets to a retailer who doesn’t have the resources and workflows to properly control their release and usage.

How XL.Today™ enhances your supplier relationships

XL.Today™ provides your suppliers with the confidence that you can both control the release dates and usage of their assets, protecting these assets and their brands. By delivering access that allows your suppliers to batch upload assets, with usage rights and accurate product descriptions, XL.Today™ secures these assets.

Once you have these assets, you can then control how and when these assets are used, embargoing assets that require specific release times (such as new fashion and product ranges) and controlling which assets are available to individuals and maintain approvals. All of this helps suppliers build confidence in your abilities, opening the way to libraries of images, product descriptions and brand assets that you don’t have to pay for.

Access a world of free images to build your digital marketing campaigns

Once you unlock one supplier’s digital marketing libraries, you can unlock all of their libraries. With XL.Today™ you will feel more confident approaching all of your suppliers with such a request. All at once, you will have access to a world of free images to build your digital marketing campaigns.

Just think how much better and faster you can engage customers and build your social media presence if you have an entire library of pre-approved content to use in campaigns.

Experience improves marketing collaboration with suppliers today

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