Email templates designed to improve deliverability

Email templates designed to improve deliverability

One of the least known and understood facts of email marketing is that custom build templates are one of the most significant barriers to deliverability.


If your template has not been tested across the majority of ISP's, then your template can be blocked from delivery. Even if your custom template makes it through the multitude of validation processes, which vary from ISP to ISP, your email formatting can be dramatically changed. Images can go missing, fonts, colors, and format can change so dramatically that your customers will flag it as 'junk' or 'spam.'

How XL.Today™ email templates solve many of these deliverability problems

Every XL.Today™ email template is extensively litmus tested across the majority of ISP providers. That means your emails reach more of your database and look as you want. It's the best way to protect your brand integrity and increase engagement levels.

How XL.Today™ email templates take the guesswork out of writing subject lines

Research clearly shows shorter email subject lines have higher open rates, which is why XL.Today™ email template subject headlines are limited to 65 characters. Any longer and your open rates start to plummet.  We want all of your email campaigns to be successful, so we help by guiding you with character limits.

Personalizing subject lines is another proven way to improve open rates-all of your XL.Today™ email templates customize subject lines automatically. You can remove personalization from a subject line, but that's not in your best interest.

How XL.Today™ email templates take the guesswork out of writing headlines

Any advertising copywriter will tell you that if you can't write a headline in under 10 words, then you just not trying hard enough. 10 words are roughly 80 characters, which is what your XL.Today™ templates headline is limited to. The shorter headline, the higher the engagement rates, which is why we place such limits.

How XL.Today™ email templates take the guesswork out of writing body copy

A very cool feature of XL.Today™ is assistance with writing body copy. The Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution included in your XL.Today™ subscription allows you to add descriptions to images. When you select an image from your DAM for a campaign, your XL.Today™ email template automatically adds the image description to the body copy panel. You can then edit or change this copy to fit your needs. 

Rather than start with a panel where you need to find or write copy from scratch, your XL.Today™ email templates take advantage of the accurate descriptions you've added to images to make sure that the text you start with is accurate.

Other features of XL.Today™ email templates

All of your XL.Today™ emails have been pre-tested and optimized for viewing on mobile devices. This is important because more than 65% of emails are now first viewed on smartphones.

All of the images you use in your XL.Today™ email templates are selected from your DAM, which stores your original hi-res image and automatically creates an optimized duplicate that balances file size with image quality. This improves deliverability, sending reputation, and improves user experience.

XL.Today™ email templates increase campaign creation by as much as 1800%

Everything we do with our email templates is designed to improve your experience and the experience of your target audience. From better image management, smart and guided copy creation to greater predictability around deliverability, XL.Today™ email templates allow you to create more effective, creative, accurate email campaigns faster than ever before.