Email marketing software for professionals

Email marketing software for professionals

Many high-profile marketing software solutions promote themselves on their almost infinite flexibility. They place no or few limits on design, images or copy. At first glance this may seem a good thing, however, they are ultimately doing you an injustice.

Why you need an email marketing software solution with limits?

Creatively, an email solution that allows you to do what you want seems like a great idea. Unfortunately, delivery and engagement rates depend on a strict set of rules set by others. If you don't adhere to these rules, your most creative emails will never be seen by your target audience.

Email delivery rules

There are many strict delivery rules set by Internet Service Provider (ISP) that determine if the emails you send are received by your customers and clients. Many of them relate to spam and reputation. Without knowing it, you may already be blocked from delivery to many high-profile ISPs. This can have a major impact on your open rates and engagement, without you even knowing.

There are also rules around content, with each ISP creating their own list of spammy words in subject lines. ISP's also set limits around maximum size of emails and images within emails. All of this can have a dramatic impact on your email campaign success. Avoiding these mistakes can be the difference between a successful campaign and failure.

Subject lines and headlines

Even the length of your subject lines in an email can have a dramatic impact on campaign success. Research indicates that shorter subject lines have higher open rates and personalization in subject lines further increase success. The same is true of headlines in the body of emails.

Email templates

Many organizations spend a lot of time and resources focusing on creating their own templates. They use designers and ad agencies to build something specifically for their brands. This can be an expensive and slow process and sometimes the companies that do this work do not fully understand the limits around what is acceptable for delivery of emails. 

The impact of poor targeting

Each of your email campaigns must be targeted to segments of your overall database. Content that is not appropriate to a recipient will be deleted. Worse still, the recipient may unsubscribe from your list or make a formal complaint. Avoiding these responses can often be overcome by better targeting.

How to get professional about your email campaigns

XL.Today™ was built to take the guesswork out of email campaigns. We understand email best practices and have developed a suite of optimized email templates and a campaign workflow that ensures you have a better chance at success. We limit the length of characters in subject and headlines to increase your open and click rates. We take your hi-res images and automatically reformat them to be the optimal size for delivery. We make it simple to personalize email messages and target the right people with easy-to-use audience database segments. We provide smart and trackable campaign URL's that make it easy to track engagement with metrics that really matter. And we do all of this in an intelligent campaign workflow that allows creating an email, SMS and social campaign in less than 5-minutes. 

Skip 'beginner' and go straight to 'expert'

The reality is this; if you want to get serious about email marketing (and digital marketing in general), then you need to start with XL.Today™.