Email marketing. Are you overthinking?

Email marketing. Are you overthinking?

Overthinking your email marketing is one (if not ‘the’) biggest barriers to campaign success. If you want to succeed, you first must accept that sometimes you will fail. The trick is fail in a way that has minimal impact and teaches to you how to succeed.

Analysis paralysis

Marketers can spend a great deal of time looking at email stats. Yes, they are important, and they should drive the decision on what to do next, however not every email stat is useful. If you spend all of your time trying to examine your last email forensically, you’ve missed your chance to do more emails. 

Which analytics count

The email marketing metrics that count focus on the actions you can take. The two primary measures of performance are opens and clicks. If someone opens an email, it means that your brand has value to the recipient. More importantly, it says that the subject line you created captured their attention. Even more importantly, your subject line is aligned with your database segments needs and desires.

If you have a high click rate, then you have captured the attention of your target audience with a valued call to action.

What drives successful email marketing?

Targeting and volume of campaigns are at the heart of successful email marketing. Precisely aligning messaging and offers with a database target segment will deliver higher engagement, reduce opt-out rates and (most significantly) drive higher conversion rates. Sending an email on the latest print skirts will not appeal to your entire target audience, but it will appeal to women who have made similar recent purchases.

The volume of the campaign is also significant. The ability to segment your database drives this. Research shows that most consumers are happy to receive an email from a business once a week, as the offer reflects their needs and desires. If you have a database of 10,000 contacts and you can accurately create 10 target segments, then you could create 40 targeted emails each month, without fatiguing your database. It goes without saying that 40 email campaigns a month will yield better engagement, conversions and sales.

Who has the time to create 40 campaigns a month?

You do. With XL.Today™ we provide you with the image management library and workflow to create and manage multiple email campaigns at the same time. We have designed a solution that dramatically reduces the time it takes to develop, launch and report on email campaigns. We even provide you with dashboards to compare campaigns at-a-glance to help you understand which campaigns deliver the best results.

Email campaigns are just the start.

With XL.Today™ you can create an SMS message, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post in the same campaign workflow, in as little as 5 minutes. Our workflows help you create professional emails, SMS and social posts, following digital marketing best practices.

You can also test different smart campaign segments to see which ones deliver the best results. With XL.Today™ your email, SMS and social media marketing is about actions, not just analysis.