Use your digital marketing dashboard to increase sales

Use your digital marketing dashboard to increase sales

Modern marketers don’t have a lack of data, they are buried in it. What they need are the tools to make sense of all of this data.

XL.Today™ provides you with data visualization in the form of a digital marketing dashboard that allow you to see beyond data and see opportunities to improve your marketing.

The power of data visualization

We didn’t invent data visualization, we’ve only made it simpler for retailers to access.
Data visualization has been a driving force in business software for quite a while. There are countless examples of how data visualization has helped organizations gain and hold a competitive edge, however where you sit today the only thing that matters is what it can do for your business.

What XL.Today™ data visualization digital marketing dashboard can do for you

The goal of XL.Today™ data visualization campaign dashboards is to help you compare ‘apples with apples’.

Let’s start with social media. Each social media channel uses its own language to explain metrics. They also supply different metrics, which can all be manipulated. XL.Today™ simplifies this process by only providing comparable metrics, making sure you judge the results of campaigns across multiple social channels using the same criteria.

The same is true for email and SMS campaigns. XL.Today™ campaign dashboards allow you to judge results on common factors, and it does it graphically so you can see results and make informed decisions in seconds.

Comparing campaigns

One of the benefits of XL.Today™ campaign dashboards is they allow you to compare results between campaigns, revealing trends and opportunities instantly. When you can compare the results of multiple campaigns visually in seconds, meetings and decisions happen much faster and with better outcomes.

Focus on what counts

You could spend all day creating multiple reports for a single channel and not have a definitive understanding of what it means. With XL.Today™ campaign dashboards, it’s simple; you’re either comparing engagement levels or your comparing sales. For most retailers, these are the facts that drive their decision making. It’s also the best and fastest way to understand if you are getting the return you want from your marketing investment. Speed counts in marketing

As a retailer, most marketing opportunities have a very small window. Whether it’s a seasonal event, new product launch, sale or some other marketing opportunity, you don’t have 3 months to wait for the results. You need to understand what works, and what can be improved and act on it now.

XL.Today™ campaign dashboards empower you to make more informed decisions about your marketing and make changes to your marketing right now. Whether it’s rescheduling a post or creating a new campaign with a different image or segment, XL.Today™ campaign dashboards and workflows speed up the entire process, putting you back in charge of your marketing.

More campaigns = more sales

If you can build a campaign faster, analyse and compare campaign results live, then it makes it practical to run multiple campaigns more often, increasing sales opportunities.

If it only takes minutes to create a multi-channel campaign, and you use your XL.Today™ campaign dashboards to inform your approach, then marketing becomes a pleasurable way to drive your success.