CRM system with campaign workflow

CRM system with campaign workflow

As a retailer, how advanced do you need your Customer Relationship or CRM system to be? Are you more interested in the report functionality of your CRM system, or would you like to be part of a bigger solution that makes it easier to create campaigns and drive sales?

Do you want it to be a solution with a dashboard that shows a pipeline of potential sales, or do you want a solution with a dashboard that shows real engagement and actual sales?

It’s easy to be seduced by advanced CRM solutions with functions you or your team may never use, no matter what your intent.

As a marketer, what do you need from your CRM?

Let’s break down what you actually need.

You need a ‘single source of truth’ of your customer database that is campaign ready.

You need a simple upload and update process.

You need to make sure that your database reflects opt-outs from email and SMS campaigns.

You need to quickly and simply create customer database segments, which reflect your unique and latest customer database.

You need to be able to save and reuse customer database segments easily.

As a retailer, or in fact most marketers, this is precisely what you need from a CRM system, and it’s exactly what you get from XL.Today™.

XL.Today™ customer database management

With XL.Today™ we didn’t design a CRM system, we created a complete digital marketing solution…with concise customer database management capabilities.

We believe that many CRM systems are over-engineered, and this is reflected in their pricing. Our goal was to strip out the functions that you may not use and provide a solution with what we believe to be all you need to be an effective digital marketer.

We then integrated one of the most straightforward and most sophisticated image management solutions. We then finished with what is possibly the simplest and smartest digital campaign workflows.

Simple, smart customer segmenting for campaigns

Firstly, your customer database should reflect your business and marketing priorities. Once you have optimized your database, we allow you to import it with fields that are meaningful to campaign targeting. We then provide you with a simple workflow and dashboard to create and save customer segments. We also allow you to save and create variations on existing campaign segments. The goal is to encourage you to experiment with more targeted and more personalized campaigns, more often.

Should I invest in a CRM system, digital marketing platform or a Digital Asset Management solution?

No matter what you’ve been told, to be an effective digital marketer you need to professionally manage your customer database, organize and manage all of your images and brand assets, and to have a fast, intuitive way of marketing across multiple channels.

XL.Today™ allows you to do all of this in one simple, fully integrated, fast and cost-effective solution. You might even say that XL.Today™ provides the exact CRM solution that you need to become a truly effective digital marketer.

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