Agile social media marketing

Agile social media marketing

Many businesses have adopted Agile business practices; many have not applied this to their marketing practices. Social channels thrive on and demand an agile marketing model. Where else can you push out a marketing message and see results (or lack of) in seconds? Many businesses and brands are simply using these channels to amplify their existing paid campaigns, or worse, not using them at all. Your social channels offer your business and brand a simple and effective way to connect with your existing customers and reach new ones … if you approach them with an agile marketing model.

What is Agile social media marketing?

Social media platforms are agile by nature. Social posts have short lifespans, with most posts receiving the majority of engagement within a few minutes of posting.  Agile marketing on social channels is an opportunity to quickly design, create, and launch highly targeted, channel appropriate campaigns. An agile approach allows you to validate a marketing assumption and pivot based on customer interactions and post analytics. It's how companies and brands are learning to become more efficient and effective marketers. 

Channel specific Agile social media marketing

You cannot merely take a single marketing message and amplify it across multiple social channels. Each channel has different target audiences, with different motivations and types of engagement (e.g., You can't include a link to a page in an Instagram post). Each channel has various features and guidelines. Many have character limits; others focus more on visual content. Some use hashtags, and others don't. Understanding how each channel works and optimizing your message to reflect on how each channel works is an essential element of Agile social marketing, and it's something XL.Today™ was designed to do.


Brands are seeing a median engagement rate of 0.09% on Facebook across all sectors. Facebook's algorithm allows only a small percentage of your followers to see your posts. Although Hashtags are available on Facebook, users universally avoid them. The only way to increase your Facebook views by Followers is to increase the frequency of posts. XL.Today™ makes this practical and easy.


Like Facebook, Instagram has an algorithm that limits how many of your followers can see your posts. Brands are driving an average engagement of 1.60% across all sectors on Instagram. 78% say that Instagram posts are the most effective content format for influencer marketing. Instagram is primarily a visual channel that thrives on Hashtags (e.g., optimal hashtags for a post on Instagram are 15); however, you can't add a page link to a post. XL.Today™ features a Digital Asset Management solution which creates optimized visual files for all of your social and marketing channels.


79% of Twitter users like to discover what's new, making it the top platform for discovery. Brands send out an average of 0.86 tweets per day, for which they see an average engagement of 0.048%. Twitter users invented hashtags, with the optimum hashtag use for a post of 2. Twitter's algorithm does not limit how many of your followers will see your post; however, the average lifespan of a Twitter post is less than 20 minutes. XL.Today™ helps you optimize every aspect of your Twitter posts, including Hashtag suggestions, optimized images, and post scheduling.

What you're not changing your choosing

If you persist with a lackluster performance on social media, without changing how you're working, then you're choosing failure. XL.Today™ is an Agile marketing platform designed to help you improve your overall marketing activity while lifting your social marketing to an entirely new level. If you'd like to know more, go on to our chat now or sign up for a free 30-day trial.