Adapt. Articulate. Amplify. Repeat.

Adapt. Articulate. Amplify. Repeat.


The lives of your customers have changed, and so have their priorities. What may have been a steady stream of income just weeks ago may no longer have a market. Your business model has to pivot now to survive and prosper. How quickly and effectively you communicate these changes will be the deciding factor. 


What does your new messaging look like? It can't be the same, because nothing is as it was. Even if you have the same products and services, you need to redefine your message so that it works under the new short and medium-term conditions. What is it that your clients and customers need from you now? If you're in the business of selling consumables, are you promoting the right items? If you provide services, how have you adapted to service your customers? If it's products or services with a long sales cycle or you need to suspend your offer in the short term, how do you intend to stay connected?

Once you have determined how to go forward, you need to articulate this to your customer base and the wider world. This is not something you do with a single email, SMS, or social media posts. It's something you must do multiple times each week in new and inventive ways. If you don't, others who are better at articulating their message will take your place.

It's important to remember, what made your business strong before is not necessarily what will make it strong now.


Now you have defined your new focus; you can get to work. The first thing you need to do is take stock of your existing digital marketing assets. Centralizing all of your images and brand assets in a way that aids discovery and campaign efficiency is an excellent place to start a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution like the one at the core of XL.Today™ is ideal for what you need now.

Once you have centralized your images and brand assets, you can see what you can repurpose to create new campaigns with new messages. If you don't have what you need, your team can work remotely with photographers and designers and add these assets to your DAM.

The next steps are to start targeting segments of your database with messages that resonate on a personal level. Demonstrate you know their priorities have changed, and you're here to help. If you sell produce, give them recipes. If you sell clothes, focus on comfort at home. If you provide professional services, explain how you're using Zoom or other ways to connect. Whatever your business, you need to demonstrate that you're listening to their concerns. Do all of this via email and SMS, and drive traffic into your website and other ways to connect digitally. Your target audience is more connected through social media than ever before. Use these channels to expand your reach and connect with entirely new customers. 


Use the smart campaign workflows of XL.Today™ to create more and more campaigns across multiple channels in as little as 5 minutes. Monitor the results in near real-time and learn what delivers results. Use channels that you may never have used (e.g., SMS) to increase engagement and immediacy. Help your team stay engaged and maximize the value of your existing market collateral. Energize and increase the efficiency of your team. Get every area of your business focused and working on the same page today. Keep experimenting until you find the right model to articulate and amplify your message. Do this over and over and watch your business become more flexible and more customer-focused than ever before.