5 reasons for internalizing marketing functions in a time of crisis

5 reasons to internalizing marketing functions in a time of crisis

Reason #1.

Some of the external marketing business and content providers you work with today will not survive in 2020. If they currently control your images, videos, and brand assets, then you may lose access. Now is the time to get your house in order and make sure you have complete control over all of your marketing assets, in a cloud-based solution that you manage.

Reason #2.

You need to become more agile. That means finding better, faster, and more cost-effective ways to get your message out to a broader target audience. Bringing many of these functions in house will make this possible and practical.

Reason #3.

Marketing is increasingly a core business skill. Building internal skills and business processes around your marketing will help you increase the ROI of your marketing spend and help create a greater understanding of what skills you are better off outsourcing.

Reason #4.

The latest generation of all-in-one digital marketing platforms provides an opportunity to reduce market costs, campaign creation timeframes, centralize management of marketing assets, and create actionable marketing insights. The best of these solutions will empower your people to become better and more effective with marketing.

Reason #5.

American marketing and communications consultant, author and speaker, Steve Rivkin wisely said, "The more unpredictable the world is, the more we rely on predictions." Now is the time when you need to create more predictability around your marketing, and the best way is to do the fundamentals better… and more often.  

The right all-in-one digital marketing platform will be a solution that allows you to test more ideas, more often, and provide actionable insights. Marketing today is less about the big stories and big spends, and more about connecting with an individual. You can create more predictable, personalized and meaningful connections with your marketing if you have total control and the right toolkit.